Meet the Artist Linda Greaves

A creative imagination begins in early childhood. The path for this creative spirit often encounters a long journey. For artist Linda Greaves, this journey continued throughout a professional career of 40-plus years. Constant painting occurred during years of being a director of development in Sarasota County, and now she devotes her full attention to the efforts that bring her the greatest pleasure: painting.

“I used to daydream that someday I’ll do my artwork full-time,” Greaves says. “Since the mid-1980’s when I first established an art studio, I would enjoy creating to relieve the stresses of a busy work life. Now I can paint all the time!”

It’s a passion that dates back to her childhood growing up on a 900-acre dairy farm in rural Maine. Nature was always her greatest artistic inspiration. This enthusiasm for art continued after graduating from the University of Maine where she obtained a degree concentrating on business and fine arts.

As a Plein-Air painter, Greaves spends her time primarily on location. Her energies follow a process of seeking shadows with contrasting light in the landscape, and the impact of color to these elements.

“It’s about that moment,” Greaves says, “we can capture history by transferring what we see to canvas.”

Greaves paintings have been sold and privately collected across America for the past 25 years, and she is comfortable in any environment depicting children at play, portraits, or the beloved landscape. She shares her artistic knowledge through demonstrations, classes or private lessons.