A lasting admiration for the environment

by ArtOnLocation_Admin

The combination of rural settings, flatlands, bush country, and coastal images feel completely comfortable to artist Linda J. Greaves. She grew up on a 900-acre dairy farm in rural Maine and as a child had many outdoor activities and chores to perform. These living experiences created a lasting admiration for the environment. Feeling completely in awe of nature, Greaves enjoys painting canvases of country scenes and coastal images. In addition, she works closely with clients to depict children at play, or professional portraits of career clientele that may originate in an office setting or capture them engaged in outdoor activity.

The combination of shape and atmospheric condition in shading, sunlight and a constantly changing color, are the challenges she strives to capture. Not only is it her desire to translate the image, but it is also a process to depict the affection she has for the natural, historic moment of that setting. Greaves reflects, “Sometimes, I can actually feel the sunlight or hear the birds singing as I re-experience that landscape when viewing the finished artwork.”

Painting as a child later became an avocation as Linda enrolled at the University to Maine to complete a business degree. She opened her first studio in 1989, and this has led to years of rewarding art work. Moving to the South in 1992 changed her color palette, but not the enthusiasm for the process of art creation. Greaves’ paintings have been sold and privately collected across America for the past 25 years.

A painter of landscapes and portraits in oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastels; her focus is to depict the partnership between atmospheric condition and environmental perspective while working primarily on location. Artwork consists of paintings and drawings on numerous papers, canvas; and graphite and pen and ink renderings.

Greaves encourages clients to work together with her to envision a personalized commission for their private collection.

Art classes and demonstrations are available on request.

Feel free to contact the artist at the studio, by email, or by cell phone if you desire more information about the paintings, commissions, or classes.